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Weight Loss - Why So Important?


There are 67% of all Americans overweight and 31% clinically obese (60 lbs or more over ideal body weight), advertisers are out of control selling QUICK Weight Loss products.

The challenge with loosing weight on a low-carb or tricky diet pills that reduce hunger - is that 9 out of 10 people put the pounds right back on as they start again their normal eating habits.

Up till now Weight Losing remedies had various problems like distressing diets and workouts that involved a major interruption of daily living. A greater problem was to maintain the ideal body weight for any length of time.

An ever-increasing need & consistent research for natural way of losing weight lead into age-old wisdom- Aloe Vera!

Aloe Vera for Weight Loss was relatively an unknown fact. Let's understand how does Aloe Vera help losing weight.

It stimulates the Metabolic Rate, due to which more energy is consumed. This helps in stabilizing and reducing the body mass index BMI. The energy which is burned is taken from the fats and carbohydrates stored in the body.

"It is said that drinking Aloe Vera gel through the week is equivalent to multiple workouts done through the week"

Aloe contains high amounts of the Protein, Collagen. The body has to spend extra energy to assimilate the Collagen Protein in the body.

The expenditure of all that additional energy helps in weight loss, at the same time due to the collagen protein, it also support muscle development.

Aloe Vera drink is also a laxative, due to which food is forced out of the Colon faster. Consequently, less energy is absorbed from the food.

Throughout history Aloe Vera has been associated with achieving healthy body weight and it has been known as The Dietary Plant and The Harmony Remedy.

4 Important Steps for Weight Loss

To be successful with reaching Your best weight goal you must focus on 4 important areas;

1.) What you eat – Calories

2.) How much energy you burn – Exercise

3.) How well your individual body functions to burn calories – Metabolism and the last yet the most important key factor essential for success –

4.) Mental Fortitude! Mental fortitude is a great expression meaning the ability to set goals and accomplish them.

You work one day at a time forging through the pain with inner strength, calmness, patience and loving affirmation towards your goals - no matter what!

Risk Factors Related to Overweight

Hypertension & High Blood Pressure
High Cholesterol & Heart Disease (CVD)
Gallbladder (digestive)
Osteoarthritis (degeneration of cartilage and bone joints)
Sleep Apnea (and other breathing problems)
Cancer (rates double in uterine, breast, colorectal, kidney and gallbladder)

Other complications include surgery, pregnancy, menstrual irregularities, incontinence and excess body and facial hair. Fatigue and joint pain can also be associated with carrying around extra weight.

Take 4 Steps To Keep The Ideal Body Weight

1 Make substantial changes in eating and physical activity habits to lose and maintain the ideal weight and maintain these changes.

2 Keep track of Calorie intake. (Get a resource book to easily reference calories.)

3 Eat healthy low-calorie, low-fat foods that include fruits, vegetables (low starch ones), lean meats and other high-fiber foods as tolerated.

4 Engage in 60-90 minutes of physical activity daily. Walking proves to be the most popular activity.

People after losing weight often finds significant improvement in their self-confidence, physical & mental health.