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Aloe Vera and Heart Problems

One of the most important health challenges of our time is the preventing of hardening of the arteries. Hardening of the arteries is one of the major consequences of aging. Fortunately now days there are a number of things, which can be done, to prevent and in some cases reverse arteriosclerosis or hardening of the arteries.

Because of the aloe, Aloeride can benefit the circulatory system. Aloe lowers triglycerides and LDL or the "bad cholesterol" and raises HDL the "good cholesterol". Several studies have shown when aloe is added to the diet, symptoms and signs of coronary artery disease disappeared.

The people in the study never developed heart problems. The same studies noted patients were able to discontinue their prescriptions of the pills they had taken the in past for chest pain, blood pressure and blood sugar control.

A study done in 1985 before the information regarding aloe vera and Aleride was known used 5,000 people with acknowledged coronary artery disease and angina pectoris, which is chest pain on physical exertion, which indicates a lake of circulation of blood to the heart muscles, were fed with aloe vera added to their diet.

The results were no more signs of angina pectoris, no development of lethal heart attacks and prescription drugs were no longer needed to control symptoms, but didn't cure them.

Hardening of the arteries is a complex disease, which involves microscopic damage to small and large arteries alike. Hardened plague lines the arteries. When the small arteries have a plague line, which builds up, the smaller the passageway making blood circulation difficult.

The organs and tissues needing the blood and the oxygen are deprived, which causes damage to the organs and tissue due to the lack of oxygen and blood, and the build up of carbon dioxide and other toxic waste, which should be carried away by the arteries.

When the coronary arteries are blocked, blood no longer flows freely; it will sludge through the arteries. With physical exertion the heart muscle needs more oxygen. When it request for more oxygen and blood is not delivered, a heart muscle is damaged and it dies.

When the heart muscles dies, it is called a heart attack. If the right muscle of the heart dies, the person will die instantly.

By reducing the platelet stickiness, Aloe vera alleviates the coronary syndrome the same thing aspirin and Plavex are currently used for.

The usual job for the platelet is blood clotting to stop bleeding when blood vessels are injured. When the platelets become sticky more than normal, the platelet will form a clot in a blood vessel whose walls are lined with too much plaque. Sometimes it will permanently shut off the blood flow through that artery or blood vessel.

The clotting can cause damage to the tissue of the brain by causing a stroke and kidneys in people with hardening of the arteries and those with diabetes. The diabetes will accelerate the process of small vessel disease and the damage to organs and tissues.

Aloe vera has the ability to reduce platelet stickiness and decrease the inflammation caused by microvascular injury. It reduces the build up and can even reverse the hardening of the arteries as well as prevent it.