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Letter from Governor General of Australia
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Centenary Medal Award (by Governor Gerenal Of Australia)

Aloe Vera A to Z by Dr Lee Ritter, M.D.

Historically, we find that Aloe vera has been used to treat problems from A to Z, and many more uses for the leaf have been suggested in contemporary literature:

Allergies, abscesscs, abrasions, asthma, acne, acid indigestion, allergic reactions, anemia, arterial insufficiency, arthritis, athlete's foot, AIDS
B -
bad breath, burns, boils, bursitis, baldness blister, bruises, bronchitis, bowel regularity body cleanser, bladder infections, blood pressure.
C -
Candida, cancer, contusions, canker/cold sores, cuts, cataracts, chapped/chafed skin $ lips, coughs, colds, colitis, colic, cradle cap, cystitis, chemotherapy, constipation
D -
Dermatitis, dandruff, dry skin, denture (gum) sores, diaper rash, dysentery, diabetes, depression
E -
Edema, Epstein-Barr virus, exanthema, eczema, ear ache
F -
Fissured nipples, fever blisters, fungus
G -
Gingivitis, glaucoma, gangrene
H -
Heat rash, headache of all kinds, hemorrhoids, heart burn, high blood pressure, herpes zoster/simplex
I -
Impetigo, inflamed joints, insomnia, ingrown toenails, indigestion, insect bites
J-K -
Jaundice, joints, keratosis, kidney infections
L -
Laxation, leprosy, laryngitis, lupus, liver aliments
M-N -
Multiple sclerosis, mouth irritations, muscle cramps/strains, moles, nausea
O-P -
Onycholysis, oral disorders pin worms, psoriasis, prostatitis, poison ivy/oak, pancreas
R-S -
Razor burn, radiation burns, radiation dermatitis, rashes stings, sites, sprains, senile moles, sores of all nature, seborrhea, stretch marks, sore throat, shingles, staph infections, sunburns, sciatic nerve, sickle-cell disease
T -
Tonsillitis, tendinitis, trachoma, tuberculosis, tumors
U-V -
Ulceration of all kinds, urticaria, ulcers (peptic and duodenal) vaginitis, venereal sores, venous stasis, varicose veins
W -
W wind burns, wounds of all kinds, warts
X-Y-Z -
X-ray burns, yeast infections, zoster (shingles)

Welcome to Aloe Vera Of Australia Pty Ltd.

Aloe Vera of Australia Pty Ltd was established in 1977 when Jennifer McDougall, its founding Managing Director, took pioneering steps in bringing Aloe Barbadensis plants into Australia. This marked the beginning of what is now a thriving Aloe Vera industry with Aloe Vera of Australia Pty Ltd among the largest in the southern hemisphere.

With an enthusiastic belief in Aloe Vera, Jennifer's vision paid off. Subsequent scientific research document that Aloe Vera is rich naturally occurring compounds including 20 of 22 amino acids, 7 of the 8 essential amino acids, vitamins A, B1, B3, B6. C and E and an array of minerals, all of which can assist in recovery from common ailments, and are naturally beneficial for general health. read more

We Are Authorized distributor For Pakistan.

The Founder Of Sky Aims Mr.Isharat Husnain Proud On This Achievement And Have Vision Of Good Health And Prosperity Of The Nation Of Pakistan.

Aloe Vera Of Australia Pty Ltd. Now In Pakistan.
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