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Dhamaky Dar Motivational Step!!!! Complete your 10 Units on every new account and enjoy PC BUFFET HI TEA with CELEBRATION.... Wah SkyAims Wah.... Hun Hoi na Gal......


Welcome to SkyAims

SkyAims is a product based company and has initially launched a top quality perfume named "ISHI". SkyAims is the FIRST Pakistani company having its own production plant for the manufacturing of perfumes with amazing reward benefits and a very attractive compensation plan. SkyAims manufactures according to international standards under the technical advisory of highly qualified and experienced consultants.

The story of SkyAims begins with one man "Mr. Isharat Hasnain" and his ambitious aims. Mr. Isharat Hasnain was searching for a business idea that would bring together the biggest goal of his life “PROSPERITY OF NATION and FINANCIAL FREEDOM”. In August 2009 this ambitious man started his journey of SkyAims and launched VISIONARY business plan for success of every person.

If you have the courage and motivation and you want to bring dynamic change in your life then SkyAims is providing you the best platform to achieve your aims. We strongly believe that “Sky is not the Limit” and nothing is impossible for a willing heart.