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Dhamaky Dar Motivational Step!!!! Complete your 10 Units on every new account and enjoy PC BUFFET HI TEA with CELEBRATION.... Wah SkyAims Wah.... Hun Hoi na Gal......



2nd. Anniversary Diamond Distributors Celebrations                 

2nd. Anniversary Gift Qualifiers                 

2nd. Anniversary Highest Earnings in a Day                 

2nd. Anniversary Highest Free Product Achievers in Day                 

2nd. Anniversary Highlights                 

2nd. Anniversary Top Ten Earners of the Year                 

2nd. Anniversary Top Ten Introducers of the Year                 

2nd. Anniversay Business Managers Celebrations                 

Business Managers Celebrations                 

Cash Ki Barish Winners Celebrations                 

Changa Manga Jungle Night Stay                 

Eid Millan Function                 

First Anniversary Highlights                 

Gourmet Resturant Lunch                 

PC Dinner at Lahore (23 March 2010)                 

Pioneer Diamonds Distributors Celebrations                 

Product Launching (ISHI)                 

Promotion of April 2011 (Gujranwala)                 

Promotion of April 2011 (Lahore)                 

Special Dinner with Top Management of SkyAims                 

Special Full Day Training at SkyAims Lahore Office                 

Successful Dubai Tour of Mr. President SkyAims Pakistan                 

Top Ten Earners of Sky Aims First Anniversary                 

Top Ten Introducers of Sky Aims First Anniversary                 

Changa Manga Jungle Night Mega Tour 07-01-2012                 

56 PC Lahore Dinner Qualifiers on 12 Feb 2012                 

25 Leaders Enjoyed Avari Buffet Hi Tea with SkyAims                 

SkyAims in Sindh and Balochistan                 

SkyAims in Zhob Pakistan                 

SkyAims Leaders at Ambassador Hotel                 

Special Training with Buffet Lunch @ Ambassador Lahore                 

VIP Opportunity Session and Hi Tea @ Ambassador Lahore.                 

Eid Millan Party @ Skyaims Lahore Office                 

SkyAims Sindh Blochistan Leaders at Lahore                 

Skyaims Businees Training at Lords Hotel Gujranwala                 

SkyAims Leaders Enjoying Lunch @ Arsalania Hotel Gujranwala                 

Special Three Stars Training At Lahore Office                 

SkyAims Founder with Faisalabad Leaders                 

Special Dinner with Leaders @ Marrian Hotel Gujranwala                 

One Day Business Workshop @ SkyAims Lahore Office                 

Gujranwala Leaders @ Royal Garden Hotel Gujranwala                 

PC Hotel Lahore Hi Tea and 5000 Promotion Qualifiers Nov 2012                 

Holiday Inn Hotel Hi Tea Dec 2012                 

Mandi Baha ud din Team @ Lahore Office , Ambassador Dinner